Yes! You are interest in becoming a tenant of the brand new co-living community of 2Peer at Cruquius Amsterdam.
Having trouble finding a co-tenant, your worry days are over. Use he 2Peer Lobby app to find the perfect rental buddy!

You can download the Spaceflow app in the Appstore or Google Play store.

Scan this QR code for the 2peer building:

You are now in the 2Peer Lobby app. You are here with all the other applicants for the 2Peer concept who are looking for a co-living buddy, one or more. This is the platform to get to know each other, and you can do so by:

  • Introducing yourself in the‘About’ section on your profile
  • Posting a message on the message board
  • Responding to messages on the message board
  • Starting a private chat with one of the group members


Introduce yourself to the group

• Don’t forget to introduce yourself in the ‘About’ section of your profile
• In all of your messages, share information about yourself and don’t hesitate to ask questions.
After all, your co-tenant will be your home-buddy for the term you will be living with us. Make sure you get to know him/her well before you ‘tie the knot’.

Potential topics to talk about are:
• Work / education
• Hobbies, sports, personal interests
• Musical interests
• Co-living experience and expectations
• Most important character traits
• Morning/evening person, which are you?
• Background, nationality, mother tongue
• Social interests
• What you want to contribute to the 2Peer community


Found the perfect match? Let us know!

• Once you have found your perfect co-living buddy (or more), celebrate!
• Then, let us know in an email to Tell us who you
are, and who your co-tenants will be. If you like, mention your preferred
apartment (housenumber/room).
• We will finalize your application now and proceed to the final selection
• We would like to emphasize that the rental team must always do a final
check on the documents.
• Within 2-3 weeks we will let you know whether your group of 2-3 has been
selected as tenants of the 2Peer co-living community.
• We will inform everyone individually by mail or by app.


Questions? We’re here!
• We are in the 2Peer Lobby app to help!
• Contact;
• Maia Tahitu
• Leendert Zuyderduyn


For more information or help!
• Prefer email? Then please use:
• Prefer phone? Call our rental-team by (020) 5 712 702